About Us

Middle West is an artist management firm founded on the acute quiet of Midwestern work ethic. Independently strong since 2010, Middle West is dedicated to fostering good music and the musicians who make it in the most professional and diverse of ways.

Founded by Kyle Frenette on the strength and experience of Bon Iver, Middle West began as just an idea on how to structure a new type of artist management firm within the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. The organization has since grown into an evolving experiment that’s mission is to cultivate the next generation of artist managers. Middle West strives to establish a collaborative and professional environment for its managers to flourish, perfect their skills, and provide the absolute best services possible for their artists.

That's my middle-west--not the wheat of the prairies or the lost Swede towns but the thrilling, returning trains of my youth and the street lamps of sleigh bells in the frosty dark and the shadows of holly wreaths thrown by lighten windows on the snow. I am part of that. . .
-F. Scott Fitzgerald




Middle West